Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kyanna Lee Congratulation!

My best friend Tanya Lee's daughter just accomplished her first success in writing. Her book is very inspirational for a blended family or for a child for ages K-6 who is about to get a new step parent. You can order her book at Barnes & Noble for $16.95 US Dollars or message me and I can get one for you.
Synopsis Patrice is a fun-loving third-grader who just found out her mom is getting married. Now she is going to have to share her mommy, and that is the last thing she wants. How does she fix this? How can she convince her mom that a puppy would be much better than a stepdad? Patrice wants the best for her mom, but no one asked her how she feels about this situation and if they did she would tell them "Stepdad? No thanks . . . !"

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