Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was reading my friend Monica's blog and it brought me to remembering the cute little love games I played with my boys....Every night before I went to bed I would pray with the boys and say good night....they would reply " Good Night Mom I love You" then I would reply I love you more then it turned into a game we would try to see who could come up with the highest love and here are some of the things we would say to beat out each others love: ME: I LOVE YOU PAST THE STARS Kids: I LOVE YOU DEEPER THEN THE OCEAN ME: I LOVE YOU BEYOND THE HEAVENS KIDS: I LOVE YOU BEYOND INFINITY....then they would shout haa we win! we win! Its funny how we all love our different things, Shoes, Clothes, Hand Bags, Computers, XBOX 360, Playstation 3, Cars etc., however when it comes to our loved ones there is no comparison we would do anything for them. You never know how much you can love until you have your own immediate family! CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH JESUS LOVES US WOW HE LAID DOWN HIS LIFE!!!!!!! JARED, JUSTIN, JONATHAN, MICHAEL, LOGAN, MADISON, BABY JARED...I LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

2 Year Anniversary

A HUSBAND and WIFE THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER! Happy Anniversary Honey! We have had the most incredible last two years..we have built a relationship that is very rare these days.....You are truly my BEST are the one I run to when I need to CRY, VENT, CONFIDE, GET ADVICE, TELL A SECRET, GET YOUR OPINIONS even GOSSIP :)you are my everything! Not once have you ever let me down, except that time you did not let me buy that $1400.00 channel bag!JK! I LOVE YOU BABE! I look forward to many more incredible years and growing old gracefully together! HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY...........You know the rest!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Felipa, Maria, Gina & I

Sisters, we've been there through life's sorrow and pain But together through God we have always endured the strain We've argued and bickered and made each other mad But if you weren't my sisters, life would be so sad We've cried till we laughed and laughed till we cried Sometimes for no reason we didn't even know why When we're not together our bond is just as strong Because we are sisters we know when something is wrong We've whispered our deepest secrets only sisters could share I love my sisters dearly because they really care So whether we are together or we are far apart, you're my sister, my friend and forever in my heart.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kyanna Lee Congratulation!

My best friend Tanya Lee's daughter just accomplished her first success in writing. Her book is very inspirational for a blended family or for a child for ages K-6 who is about to get a new step parent. You can order her book at Barnes & Noble for $16.95 US Dollars or message me and I can get one for you.
Synopsis Patrice is a fun-loving third-grader who just found out her mom is getting married. Now she is going to have to share her mommy, and that is the last thing she wants. How does she fix this? How can she convince her mom that a puppy would be much better than a stepdad? Patrice wants the best for her mom, but no one asked her how she feels about this situation and if they did she would tell them "Stepdad? No thanks . . . !"

Monday, December 22, 2008


Well we just got home from our Church Christmas Party! Yes it was a blast! I was a little hesitant to go do to the fact that I have never left Baby Jared with anyone. The only person that I would leave him with was mom and she went with us...Kristy thought of someone who was great with baby Jared.....Great Aunt Oma came to the rescue. I was still a little skeptical because baby Jared is old enough now to know when mommy or daddy is not around. Well my mind was at ease and I had a great time! My husband and my brother in laws did a skit for us that was really entertaining I was laughing so hard! We had our party at the Benedict Castle it was so beautiful! Well when all was said and done and we were driving home I felt guilty that while I was at the party I did not think about any of the kids LOL! Jared and I were in our own little world for a minute it felt good. We got to aunt Omas and there was baby Jared crying he just woke up and decided to throw a tantrum for aunt Oma....until he saw us come through that door and his little face lit up with his big dimples it was priceless! Here are a few pictures of our night out. REMEMBER MOMS AND DADS ALWAYS MAKE TIME FOR EACH OTHER! We have decided to do this more often........yes, starting when the baby Jared turns 18 Just kidding!

See the angel above our heads :)Mom & Dad who enjoyed their night without grandkidsMy handsome husbandDad near the fireplace just observingJimmy, Jeffrey, Jared & Dad singing Joy To The World

Now if you have never seen this skit by the Rowell brothers..then you are really missing out. Below is featured: Dr. Clark interviewing Jake & Carl Corkscrew! OMG!!! So Hilarious!!

This is how happy baby Jared was when he saw mommy & daddy home from date night!