Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was reading my friend Monica's blog and it brought me to remembering the cute little love games I played with my boys....Every night before I went to bed I would pray with the boys and say good night....they would reply " Good Night Mom I love You" then I would reply I love you more then it turned into a game we would try to see who could come up with the highest love and here are some of the things we would say to beat out each others love: ME: I LOVE YOU PAST THE STARS Kids: I LOVE YOU DEEPER THEN THE OCEAN ME: I LOVE YOU BEYOND THE HEAVENS KIDS: I LOVE YOU BEYOND INFINITY....then they would shout haa we win! we win! Its funny how we all love our different things, Shoes, Clothes, Hand Bags, Computers, XBOX 360, Playstation 3, Cars etc., however when it comes to our loved ones there is no comparison we would do anything for them. You never know how much you can love until you have your own immediate family! CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH JESUS LOVES US WOW HE LAID DOWN HIS LIFE!!!!!!! JARED, JUSTIN, JONATHAN, MICHAEL, LOGAN, MADISON, BABY JARED...I LOVE YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm counting down the days to experience that Mother's love that everyone tell me about.... I can't imagine! I love you

Happy Valentines!

meagan♥ said...

SORRY! ill change it! i had NO IDEA that they had a blog!
im sorry

meagan♥ said...

hahaha oh well i already changd it. =]

love you auntie nicole

meagan♥ said...

Hey auntie nicole. chack out my the poems =]