Monday, January 26, 2009

2 Year Anniversary

A HUSBAND and WIFE THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER! Happy Anniversary Honey! We have had the most incredible last two years..we have built a relationship that is very rare these days.....You are truly my BEST are the one I run to when I need to CRY, VENT, CONFIDE, GET ADVICE, TELL A SECRET, GET YOUR OPINIONS even GOSSIP :)you are my everything! Not once have you ever let me down, except that time you did not let me buy that $1400.00 channel bag!JK! I LOVE YOU BABE! I look forward to many more incredible years and growing old gracefully together! HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY...........You know the rest!


Rachel Roberts said...

Happy Anniversary! :o)

Our 2 year is comin' up too!

Jason and Mari Rowell said...

Love the pictures...Happy 2nd!!
We are going on 16!

♥ Mari

Monica Hassas said...

Happy Anniversary to you! You two are a beautiful couple.

Tarrah Misu said...

Congrats you guys!! Wishing you many more wonderful years together!!